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Bespoke, unique and handcrafted Swarovski Crystal walls for luxury homes

The combination of Dodo's invention, the liquid resin and the various crystal elements paves the way for a new line of luxury for exciting, unique elements.

Bespoke, unique and handcrafted Swarovski Crystal walls for luxury homes
Handcrafted Swarovski Crystal interiors by Dodo Newman

Dodo Newman is the inventor of her unique plexi-resin technique, as well as the new material the liquid crystallized resin.

The combination of Dodo‘s invention, the liquid resin and the various crystal elements paves the way for a new line of luxury for exciting, unique elements.

The impressions of the liquid crystallized resin are further enhanced by the installed LED lightening in the edges of the elements.

„Being different and making a difference is what I thrive to achieve by creating artworks. My footprints originate from a unique vision that cannot be categorized or compared to others, they speak their own language. This is the reason why I invented the resin art technique, revolutionizing PlexiGlas art.“ 

The plexiglass elements reflect particular visual effects. The plexi-resin creations, which can include programmed lightening effect can be used, showed and enhanced in a wide spectrum of spaces from the hotel industry to villas, office spaces, shopping malls and other residential and public spaces.

Since the individual elements are created on Plexiglas, they are two sided in an extraordinary way. Each element is different in the front and the back, reflecting different effects from either sides.

Even the Princess of Monaco has two creations

Selected to the TOP 100 Ultra Luxury items in the World

And as we proudly reported about it before, her unique plexi-resin technique is currently placed at the 3rd place among the World Ultra Luxury Trends (overtaking Chopard, Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc.).

The Ultra Luxury Trend Report allows to have the foresight into what ultra luxury trends will be important to take into account for the next one to four years.

LED Lightening

To achieve the most perfect effect for any installation a programmed line of LED lightening can be placed under the plexiglas elements.

The programmed LED lights under the surface of the plexiglas complex can be varied, providing incredible effects. The whole effect can be modified according to the shades and lights, giving varied and exciting impressions.

By using LEDs it is possible to create much more accurate atmospheres matching our feelings, emotions. The LED is a semiconductor that emanates light directly from the electric current, and so it does not generate heat.

Another main function of the LED effect is that it effuses light in a huge amount and this attracts the eyes from a very far point of any closed space, arousing the curiosity of the viewers.

Swarovski Crystals and other semi-precious materials

Dodo is known for her close co-operation with Swarovski Crystals, and her latest artistic invention using resin technology which after eight years of experimentation is one of her legacies to the next generation.

Swarovski Crystals represents unique top quality crystal art at its best which is the perfect match for Dodo’s resin art invention. With this brand, she brings the ultimate in luxury to the interior scene.

Dodo combines this technology with the future and the past, with the traditional and untraditional out of the box methods.
The various crystal elements, in various forms added to the pigment and resin forms a sparkling surface on the plexiglas.

For those who are interested in besoke, unique and handcrafted Crystal interiors:

Dodo Newman

Author of the Book "Out of the Box Innovation": 
(Dodo Newman's presentation extract from the International University of Monaco for Luxury MBA students)

Originally published at Dodo Newman.

If you are interested to read more about this topic ("Bespoke, unique and handcrafted Swarovski Crystal walls for luxury homes"), please visit the official website of Dodo Newman.

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