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Monaco = Prestige

Living in the Principality of Monaco is always considered a prestige for you, your family as well as your business. Just see the first impression you get when people hear that you are relocating to Monaco... You will definitely see the “wow factor” or the slight sign of envy.


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Monaco = Prestige
Livin in Monaco book by Zsolt Szemerszky

Living in a zero debt, green and superb wealthy country is quite a privilege. It is something which will motivate you as well to create and maintain a living quality for yourself and your beloved ones.

However this prestige comes with a bold price tag as well. For one million Euro (approximately 1,085,000 CHF or £735,000 or $1,135,000) one can buy only 17 square metres of property in the Principality of Monaco. This definitely sets a playground for the rich and famous.

To be honest, the real-estate prices are extremely high in Monaco, however you can find similar prices in other well-known destinations for the world’s super rich, such as Hong Kong, London, New York or Singapore.

Of course Monaco also aims to serve you therefore you can utilize many of its advantages. Most wealthy people are even moving and relocating a part of their businesses, companies to the Principality in order to benefit from its well branded name.

Monaco Ville

The cultural and artistic influences of the Principality of Monaco are worthy of the greatest European capitals. Offering diversified cultural programs from ballet, opera, art, sport and prestigious exhibitions opens its door to attract people throughout the whole year.

And do not be confused with the size of the Principality of Monaco because it might change soon. The thing is that Monaco was always somehow the symbol of prestige and luxury and to maintain this status, the Principality of Monaco always aims to renew itself.

When we talk about the prestige and luxury in the Principality, then Monaco has to think about the needs of its own residents as well. Especially when Monaco offers one of the leading Luxury MBA education at the International University of Monaco. For these reasons the living quality plays a key importance bringing the necessity to maintain the prestige of Monaco.

Monaco already recognised that its residential surface has some limitations. However Monaco also understands that it is nessecery to maintain its luxury, because over 500 new residents are arriving to the Principality every year. Monaco needs to maintain the housing needs and to provide the requested and luxurious living spaces. Therefore one of the most interesting ongoing topic is the long awaited land reclamation.

Monaco view

Monaco’s aim is to extend its borders towards the sea. This complex project requested very careful planning, however in the recent months it got its green light, since the government and the town’s representatives unanimously approved the land extension.

Of course a transformational project such as Monaco’s extension requests at least 10 years until residents will be able to enjoy the new district with all its urbane developments, including housing, shops, marina and beautiful garden areas. The first steps are planned to start in the end of 2016 by the removal of the protected marine species, which will be relocated carefully in nerby natural reserves.

What makes this extended territory also special is that Monaco, one of the smallest country in the World is reclaiming new land, new territory peacefully. Truth to be told there are not so many countries that can expand without any war. So big-big applause for the ideal solution.

The name of the new district will be “Anse du Portier” which means Portier Cove.

With this approximately 60,000 sqm development Monaco will be able to maintain its sustainable development and also to offer new, high-end luxury standards to its residents. Truth to be told there are new apartments planned for over 700 people.

Also the famous Grimaldi Forum, the location of some of the most important conferences in Monaco will be extended during the upcoming years. Just as a new waterfront promenade will provide a spectacular view to the Rock and to Monte-Carlo.

It is luxury and business as well. It is a fascinating fact that the two billion Euro project will be done at no costs for Monaco. Yes, it is free and sponsored by the involved companies, entirely financied by the private sector.

So what can be more prestigeous than living in a country where the people simply can finance the country’s own development. That shows a level of well being for sure.

Quoted from the "Living in Monaco" book written by Zsolt Szemerszky.

Living in Monaco book by Zsolt Szemerszky

Living in Monaco book

A comprehensive, objective and brutally honest book about the Principality of Monaco and its living environment. The author intended to hunt down the myth around Monaco and to go beyond gossips. It is not a travel book, it is an ultimate guideline to those who are aiming to get a glimpse about the real Monaco and who have the desire to relocate their personal or business life to the Principality. Traps, frauds, socialite games, benefits, advantages are all covered with tools to reach out the maximum potential in the shortest period of time. Reading the "Living in Monaco" book you will face the really important questions, such as the required funds to relocate your family versus the small amount shortcuts toward your aims. The author discloses some of his personal experiences regarding how you can relocate from 20 000 Euro, how can you receive a 10 Million Euro credit line without having any kind of assets or how people use the label "Monaco" to collect multi million Euro funds. Through the previously untold stories the aim of present book is to raise attention to the most typical frauds and moral hazards usually committed by non-Monaco based gold diggers and fortune hunters. Present book is also intended to support the local businesses by educating their prospective clients and to be your own practical guide, including all the main contacts you need to proceed further with the aims and goals you deserve.

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