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Something fishy's going on here!

Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and her daughter Pauline are ambushed by a giant SEA LION at the circus .

Something fishy's going on here!
Photo via Daily Mail

As members of Europe's chicest royal family, they are usually a picture of elegance and poise.

But Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and her daughter Pauline couldn't help losing their composure when they were ambushed by a sea lion during a photo call on Tuesday.

Stéphanie, 51, who is the youngest child of actress Grace Kelly and the sister of Albert II, stepped in to help launch the 41st Monte Carlo International Circus Festival when she met the beast.

The mother-of-three, who is tenth in line to the throne, got more than she bargained for after agreeing to pet the circus-trained animal for a photograph.

She puckered up for a kiss with the sea lion which suddenly lunged at her and Pauline, 22, making them both jump.

Recoiling in horror, the pair then grabbed onto a nearby circus trainer's arm for safety.

Stéphanie, dressed in a blue baseball jacket bearing the circus's emblem, is a huge supporter of the event and first attended when she was just nine.

While her daughter was casually dressed for the event in a leather biker jacket and colourful silk scarf.

Stéphanie famously eloped with an elephant trainer in 2001, along with her three children, before returning to Monaco.

But the relationship came to an abrupt end and, two years later, she married a circus acrobat - a relationship which also ultimately ended in divorce.

Stéphanie, a patron of the awe-inspiring show, also helps to oversee the Circus Festival and is involved in everything from choosing the acts to the choreography.

Her father Prince Ranier was the brains behind the first festival, which now as then, specialises in traditional circus acts from clowns to acrobats.

The circus is an annual event in the principality and has been running since 1974.

In 2015, Stéphanie attended the event with her youngest daughter, Camille, and brother Prince Albert of Monaco.

Controversy surrounded Camille's birth in 1998 as Stephanie neglected to name a father on her birth certificate.

As such, Camille is not included in the line to the Monegasque throne, unlike her brother Louis Robert and her sister Pauline Grace. 

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