Diamond Investment

Diamond investment

Diamonds are usually considered as a solid long term investment and a good means for investment diversification.

The percentage of diamond investment is currently small but as we are faced with economic uncertainties, investors now seek a flight to quality. By including diamonds in your portfolio you will have more diversified assets to reduce your portfolio risk. It is a unique and also very interesting opportunity to invest and to rise significantly since diamonds are a solid asset class like the traditional precious metals.

Diamond present similarities to gold as an alternative investment given that it is both used for jewellery and both posses a store of value. Both are extremely rare but nothing matches the impeccable rarity of diamonds.

Interesting fact

Just as an interesting fact our friend, Dodo Newman combined the diamond investment with art and jewellery to create a much significant and secured value. “The Biggest Love Story” is a jewellery-artwork created to commemorate the marriage of Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène of Monaco and His Serene Highness Princess Prince Albert II. The composition is a diptych, composed of two pieces which complement each other. A special cut wave in the middle represents the endless ocean. This is where the two pieces fit together, to live forever together in peace. The two complementary pieces fold together just as the “A” and the “C” in Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène and His Serene Highness Prince Albert II’s dual cypher. The royal jewellery-artwork is a celebration of love, birth and death, containing the princess’ favourite purple colours. The reflections of the water and the purple shades are inspired by HSH Princess Charlène.

Obviously you do not need to combine the different assets to gain significant profits. Luckily diamonds are tangible, transportable as well as liquid investments and many of the primary benefits gold provides as an investment is applicable to diamonds as well.

Moreover, its value is independent of any government decree and for this reason it maintains its value even during recession.

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