Real-Estate Investment

Real-Estate investment

An investor wishing to allocate funds in a low-risk asset could eventually include a Monégasque property in his or her international portfolio. The Principality of Monaco also offers a special fund available exclusively for some of the major banks in Monaco to invest into real-estates and new developments. Even if it is not the standard form of liquid fund, still this way the banks have additional opportunities to diversify their portfolios with Monaco based properties.

The real-estate market in the Principality of Monaco has been always considered as a very specific market, which offers a number of advantages for its investors in a less than two km2 territory.

The political and the economic stability plays a major part in the safety of the real estate assets, which makes the Principality of Monaco the ideal destination for property investments. To conclude, investing in Monaco can be financially rewarding as there is no income tax or capital gains tax on individuals residing in the Principality. In addition, there is no Monégasque estate duty on assets situated outside the Principality.

In Monaco, the real estate professionals consider that the value of Monégasque properties will not drastically decrease like in other countries. Most purchases are made without bank loan therefore an increase in interest rates would not considerably affect the market.

In any evolving market, especially in the real estate market, it could be crucial to have reliable information and appropriate analysis. Thankfully the Principality of Monaco is ready to provide these facts through the Institut Monégasque de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques.

We can observe that the real estate market in the Principality has increased, both for new and older properties, in value and in the number of transactions. This positive trend is due to both economic and structural factors.

With regard to 2015, although the GDP is still unknown, the start of the year looked promising, driven by favourable tax revenue and a dynamic employment situation. At the same time, we can note that, as far as real estate is concerned, the number of resales has increased by 30.7% compared to 2011 and the number of transactions has increased by 3.4%.

At a structural level the Institut Monégasque de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques notes a qualitative shift in the type of apartments offered, particularly in the new property sector. Thus, new apartments built in the past few years are larger and more luxurious than those built previously; for an equivalent number of transactions, the value of the market is increasing much faster than the average price per square meter.

These phenomena were studied in 2012 at the Real Estate Observatory by presenting the new property sector on the one hand, and resales of older apartments on the other. The analysis criteria are the number and value of the transactions, the type of property concerned and the price per square meter.

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Most looked after Real-Estate agencies in Monaco

Real-Estate agency Change
15 Rue de Millo
Place des Moulins, Europa Résidence
1 Avenue Henry Dunant
1 Avenue de Grande Bretagne, Les Floralies
7 Rue du Gabian
25 ,Boulevard Albert 1er
30 Boulevard des Moulins
5 Rue des Lilas
1 Rue des Genêts, Le Millefiori
17 Avenue de l'Annonciade

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The Principality of Monaco

Facts & Figures


  • GDP (2013) 4.94 billion euros
  • GDP Growth rate (2013) 9.3%
  • Employment (2014) 52 177
  • Banks (institutions entitled to receive all types of deposits) (2014) 35

Real-Estate market

  • Average price per sq.m (2014) 37 179 Euro
  • Real estate sales (2014) 11
  • Real estate resales (2014) 555
  • Total known area (2014) 47 001
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